A warrior devoted a deity, a Chosen is the ultimate martial expression of faith. A Chosen is always referred to with the name of her god, such as a Chosen of Havrek.

Abilities: Wisdom and Charisma can be important, depending upon abilities selected. Strength and Constitution are important for combat ability. Chosen use the highest table for base attack bonus and Fort saves, and the low table for Ref and Will saves.

Alignment: Any, but it must match the patron deity

Hit Die: d10

Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier

Starting Gold: 6d4 x 10gp

Weapon & Armor Proficiency:A Chosen does not automatically gain any weapon or armor proficiency feats. Instead, she chooses one melee weapon, one ranged weapon, one specific type of armor (such as full plate or leather), and one shield type (such as buckler or heavy). She may use each of these as if she were proficient with them. Her abilities with this gear(only) increase as she gains levels, according to the Inspired Martial Prowess ability below. When using her deity's favored weapon, a Chosen gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls with it. A Chosen may change which weapon, armor, or shield type she has selected by spending 24 hours in meditation and 25xp per level gained since the previous selection was made (minimum 25).

1+1+2+0+0Aura of Alignment, Lesser Divine Ability(2)
2+2+3+0+0Lesser Divine Ability, Inspired Martial Prowess(-1 acp)
3+3+3+1+1Greater Divine Ability, Inspired Martial Prowess(improved armor use), Divine Aura
4+4+4+1+1Inspired Martial Prowess(+1 shield bonus)
5+5+4+1+1Inspired Martial Prowess(+1 damage), Aura of Alignment (+2 Cha)
6+6/+1+5+2+2Greater Divine Ability
7+7/+2+5+2+2Inspired Martial Prowess(-2 acp)
8+8/+3+6+2+2Divine Aura
9+9/+4+6+3+3Greater Divine Ability, Inspired Martial Prowess(+2 damage)
10+10/+5+7+3+3Inspired Martial Prowess(+2 shield bonus)
11+11/+6/+1+7+3+3Aura of Alignment (+4 Cha)
12+12/+7/+2+8+4+4Greater Divine Ability, Inspired Martial Prowess(-3 acp)
13+13/+8/+3+8+4+4Divine Aura, Inspired Martial Prowess(+3 damage)
14+14/+9/+4+9+4+4Planar Shift(1/week)
15+15/+10/+5+9+5+5Greater Divine Ability
16+16/+11/+6/+1+10+5+5Inspired Martial Prowess(+3 shield bonus)
17+17/+12/+7/+2+10+5+5Inspired Martial Prowess(+4 damage), Inspired Martial Prowess(-4 acp)
18+18/+13/+8/+3+11+6+6Greater Divine Ability, Divine Aura
19+19/+14/+9/+4+11+6+6Aura of Alignment (+6 Cha)
20+20/+15/+10/+5+12+6+6Planar Shift(1/day)

Alignment Restriction: A Chosen is required to be the same alignment as her deity. She must uphold the ideals of both her alignment and her deity. Should she perform any act that conflicts with either, she invokes Deific Wrath.

Aura of Alignment: A Chosen has an aura about her person that indicates her actual alignment, level relative to the viewer's own, and deity affiliation. It can be viewed using any method that ordinarily detects alignment or magic. Starting at 5th level, this aura begins to alter the visual appearance of the Chosen, making her more appealing to those of similar alignment to herself. A Chosen gains a +2 bonus to all Charisma based checks when dealing with persons of the same alignment on the good/evil axis as herself. She suffers a –2 penalty to the same checks when dealing with persons of other alignments on the good/evil axis. The bonus/penalty increases to 4 at 11th level and 6 at 19th level.

Divine Abilities: A Chosen may select two Lesser Divine Abilities at 1st level, and an additional one at 2nd level. She can then select one Divine Ability (either greater or lesser) per 3 levels starting at 3rd. Each Divine Ability is supernatural. Any ability that is activated one or more times per day, rather than being continuous, can be taken more than once, increasing the number of uses per day. A neutrally aligned Chosen may take any ability denoted as good/evil or lawful/chaotic, but must choose which alignment they will use. This choice is made separately for each ability it applies to. Unless otherwise noted, activating an ability is a swift action.

Inspired Martial Prowess: A Chosen's abilities with her selected weapons and armor increases as she gains levels. At 2nd level and each 5 additional levels, she can ignore 1 point of armor check penalty from her armor or her shield. This is a reduction in overall armor check penalty, and whether it applies to armor or shield does not need to be declared. At 3rd level, she may sleep in her armor without risking fatigue, may ignore the usual speed reduction for medium and heavy armors (though encumbrance still slows her down), and the time to don and remove her armor is cut by half. At 4th level and each additional 6 levels, her shield provides +1 AC. A Chosen that does not use a shield instead gains a +1 to attack rolls and AC as a dodge bonus while fighting defensively. At 5th level and each additional 4 levels, she gains a +1 damage bonus with her two selected weapons.

Divine Aura: At 3rd level and every 5 levels thereafter, a Chosen may select one property to temporarily enhance her aura with a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Cha or Wis modifier (whichever is higher). Only one property may be active at a time. Gaining new aura properties does not increase the number of uses per day. These properties are activated with a swift action and remain in effect for one round per 2 Chosen levels (1 at 3rd, 2 at 4th, 3 at 6th, 4 at 8th, etc.). Up to the Chosen’s Cha or Wis modifier(whichever is higher) in creatures within 10 feet of the Chosen can be affected. If the property is beneficial, as designated by (b), the Chosen (who does not count against the number limit) and her allies are affected. If the property is harmful, as designated by (h), only enemy creatures are affected and may make a Will save to avoid the effect with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 Chosen level(round up) + Wis or Cha bonus (whichever is higher). A neutrally aligned Chosen may take any aura property denoted as good/evil or lawful/chaotic, but must choose which alignment they will use. This choice is made separately for each property it applies to. No property stacks with any sort of effect of the same type. If a creature is already slowed by some effect, for example, the Ice aura does not slow it further on a failed save.
Creatures who succeed at a saving throw against a harmful aura cannot be affected by that same instance of the aura again. If the Chosen renews the aura, they can be affected. Creatures who enter an aura after its initial activation are affected by it normally, but not retroactively.

Planar Shift: At 14th level, a Chosen gains the ability to travel to a random location on her deity’s home plane once per week. She can return to any specific, known location on her home plane at any time, though any sort of affect that would ordinarily prevent her from entering a particular location prevents her from using that location to re-enter her plane. Only the Chosen and her gear are transported, though any special mount, familiar, or animal/creature companion(s) she might have from class abilities are also transported. At 20th level, the Chosen can shift to a specific, known location on her deity’s home plane once per day, though not anywhere within 100 feet of her deity’s presence. She may bring up to 3 additional willing creatures that have to be touching her when she uses this ability. The Chosen’s special mount, familiar, or animal/creature companion(s) do not count against this limit.

Divine Abilities:
Bless Weapon (Greater)
Once per day, you can imbue a single weapon with good aligned energy, giving it the good descriptor for purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The weapon also gains a +1 enhancement bonus that is effective only against creatures of evil alignment. Ranged weapons confer the bonus to ammunition fired while the ability is active. For every 4 Chosen levels beyond 4th (8th, 12th, 16th, etc.), the enhancement bonus increases by 1. This effect lasts for one encounter.

Call Avatar (Greater)
You can call a supernatural servant of your deity to your side. The CR of the creature responding to your call is one less than your Chosen level. It appears immediately and will perform any action that is not opposed to the tenets of your deity. The avatar will remain until the task is complete, but not more than 1 day per level. You can use this ability as often as you like, but the avatar will require a service in return that must be completed in a timely fashion. If you do not begin repaying the favor within 24 hours, you lose all Chosen abilities until the service is completed. This also happens if you take any other actions aside from striving to complete the task assigned by the avatar. Exceptions may be allowed if the action taken upholds the tenets of your deity, and in some cases, a sacrifice of a number of units equal to the avatar's CR may be accepted in lieu of the favor. A typical quest should take no more than 2 days per level to complete. Should the avatar be slain while assisting you, you may be subject to Deific Wrath, depending upon the circumstances of its death. For example, a god of war is not likely to exact penalties for an avatar slain in battle, while a god of peace is. Killing the avatar yourself results in immediate revocation of all class abilities with no possibility of reinstating as a Chosen of that god. If you are able to find another god to worship as a Chosen, you may regain your abilities, but lose one level.

Call Weapon (Lesser)
Any weapon visible to you within 30 feet that is not in the possession of another creature may be called to your hand as a move-equivalent action. This does not confer the ability to use it if you do not have the appropriate weapon proficiency. The weapon flies to your hand and is useable for an attack that round. It cannot fly through obstacles larger than itself and a creature may attempt to snatch or smash it before it reaches you by making a disarm or sunder attempt as if you were already holding it. If you have a Soulbound Weapon, you can Call it even if another creature is in possession of it, but you must win an opposed Strength check.

Cause Disease (Greater)
Once per day, you can cause a single disease to immediately infect a touched target creature as a standard action. The disease can be any one of the following: filth fever, mindfire, cackle fever, blinding sickness, red ache, shakes, slimy doom. It has no incubation period and can be spread normally by the infected creature after one minute.

Compel Truth (Lesser)
You can force one creature to speak only the truth. The target is aware that it is under such a compulsion and may choose to not answer questions, answer partially, or otherwise mislead, as long as nothing it says is untrue to the best of its knowledge. The target may make a Will save to avoid the effect, but gains no bonuses that ordinarily apply to enchantment, compulsion, mind-affecting, mental control, or charm effects. This ability is useable a number of times per day equal to your Wis modifier.

Corrupt Weapon (Greater)
Once per day, you can imbue a single weapon with evil aligned energy, giving it the evil descriptor for purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The weapon strikes more forcefully against good foes, automatically upgrading any threat to a critical hit. Ranged weapons confer this effect to ammunition fired while the ability is active. For every 5 Chosen levels, the threat range of a weapon affected by this ability is increased by one (+1 at 5th, +2 at 10th, etc.). This effect stacks with other effects that improve a weapon's threat range, but is applied last. It lasts for one encounter.

Detect Alignment (Lesser)
You can determine the alignment of a creature. This ability requires examining the creature from no more than 10 feet away as a full round action. This can be used at will.

Divine Grace (Lesser)
Your Cha modifier is added as a miscellaneous bonus to all your saving throws.

Divine Health (Lesser)
You are immune to all diseases, including magical and supernatural ones.

Energy Shield (Greater)
You can enhance your shield to deflect one type of energy. The shield can deflect 1 point of energy per point of AC it bestows, plus 1 point per Chosen level. You can use this ability once per day and choose the energy type when you use it. If you are denied your shield bonus for any reason (except touch attack), you also cannot use it to deflect energy damage. Deflected energy damage dissipates harmlessly. This ability lasts for one encounter.

Holy/Unholy Weapon of Energy (Greater)
A weapon of the type that is your deity's weapon of choice made of pure energy springs forth in your hand. You must select either the good or evil descriptor and the type of energy when you choose this ability: acid, cold, electrical, fire, sonic. Damage dealt by the weapon is good/evil aligned and of the chosen energy type, but the weapon is otherwise normal for its type. For every 5 Chosen levels, add +1d6 of that energy type to the weapon's damage. Ranged weapons generate their own single-use ammunition when loaded or pulled back and confer all bonuses to it upon firing. A thrown weapon returns to your hand at the end of each round whether it hits or not. The weapon cannot be disarmed or sundered. You can use this ability once per day, and it lasts for one encounter. Calling the weapon up is exactly the same as drawing a weapon. You can use Quick Draw with this weapon.

Immunity (Lesser)
Your faith shields you from any one of the following conditions, which must be selected when you take this ability: dazed, dazzled, frightened, nauseated, shaken, sickened, stunned. You gain complete immunity to the selected condition.

Lay on Hands (Greater)
You can heal a number of points of damage each day equal to your Cha modifier x your level. The healing can be divided in any way amongst any number of creatures, and can be applied to yourself. This is positive energy, so it can alternatively be applied to undead as damage. Using the ability requires touching the target and is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Magebane (Greater)
Enemy spells have a chance to roll harmlessly over you. This ability give you spell resistance equal to 10 + your Chosen level. This resistance applies only to spells cast by creatures whose alignment opposes yours on at least one axis. If you take this ability, you may not ever multiclass into a spellcasting class. If you have already multiclassed as a spellcaster, you may not take this ability.

Poison Use (Lesser)
You are skilled in the use of poison and never risk accidentally poisoning yourself while applying it.

Purify (Greater)
You heal all normal and subdual damage, neutralize any poison, restore all temporary ability score damage, and reverse any negative energy levels in a single target once per day. No other conditions are affected. This ability requires a full round action to use, and you must touch the target.

Remove Disease (Lesser)
Once per day, you can remove all diseases from a touched target creature as a full round action.

Sacrifice (Greater)
Your blood increases the potency of your attacks. For each of your own hit points that you sacrifice in a given round, all your weapon attacks that round gain a +2 sacred or profane damage bonus. You can use this ability as often as you wish, but can never reduce your own hit points below 1 with it. Temporary hit points cannot power this ability. Damage to you is applied on your action but after your attacks.

Shield of Faith (Greater)
Faith bolsters your shield, granting it a +1 anarchic or axiomatic bonus to AC. For every 5 Chosen levels beyond 3rd, the bonus increases by 1. You can use this ability once per day as a standard action. The effect lasts for one encounter.

Shield Other (Lesser)
Designate one other creature (the target) when you activate this ability. Any hit point damage the target takes is shared between you and it, with each taking half. This ability is activated as a swift action and lasts 1 round per 2 levels, though you can dismiss it sooner as a free action. The target must be within 20 feet when the ability is activated, but does not need to remain so.

Smite Good/Evil (Lesser)
When selecting this ability, decide whether it is Smite Good or Smite Evil. Once per day, designate all your normal attacks for one round as smite attacks. Attacks of opportunity are not affected. Add your Wis or Cha bonus (whichever is higher) to the attack roll and your level to the damage roll. If you attempt to smite a creature that is not of the appropriate alignment, this ability has no effect, but the attempt is still used for the day.

Soulbound Weapon (Greater)
Bind your soul to a single weapon. The binding takes one full day to perform. Once bound, a weapon can be unbound with a simple ritual that takes 1 hour to perform. A Soulbound Weapon cannot be disarmed or sundered as long as you hold it. While it is in your possession, you gain a +2 bonus to all Will saves. The weapon also gains the following bonuses, which stack with any it may already have, that only apply when you are wielding it: +1 enhancement bonus, alignment descriptor as your alignment, +1d6 holy/unholy damage. The enhancement bonus and extra damage increase by +1 and +1 die respectively for every 5 Chosen levels. Should your Soulbound Weapon be destroyed, you are immediately debilitated and suffer a -1 penalty to all die rolls for the next 24 hours. When you have a Soulbound Weapon, all other weapons feel just a little strange in your hand, so you suffer a -1 penalty to hit and damage with them. You can apply special effects to the weapon as you like, but they may not have any mechanical effect; a weapon can glow but not provide illumination, or scream when you hit but not cause any fear effect or extra damage. If the weapon leaves your possession, the special effects end. You can change the special effects at any time by concentrating on it as a full round action.

Special Mount (Greater)
You gain a special mount, which is described here.

Touch of Death (Greater)
You can cause a number of points of damage equal to (your Cha modifier x your level x 2) with a touch attack. The damage can be divided in any way amongst any number of creatures. This is negative energy, so it can alternatively be applied to undead as healing. Using this ability is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Turn the Tide (Greater)
Channeling the pure energy of your deity, you gain incredible combat abilities. The effect lasts 1 round and can be used once per day. The bonuses are sacred for Good-aligned Chosen, and profane for Evil-aligned Chosen. You gain twice your Cha bonus to attack rolls and your level + your Wis bonus to AC. For one attack (selected before you roll to hit), apply critical hit damage for any hit except an actual critical hit. In that case, increase the critical multiplier by 1. A weapon that has a x2 critical multiplier does x2 damage on a normal hit and x3 damage on a critical hit. If the multiplier is normally x3, it does x3 damage on a normal hit and x4 on a critical hit.

Turn/Rebuke Undead (Lesser)
When selecting this ability, you must designate whether it is Turn Undead or Rebuke Undead. This ability is the same as that described in the Other Feats section. Your level for this purpose is equal to half your class levels (round up).

Vampirism (Greater)
You drain health from a creature to heal your own wounds once per day. This effect can be used in one of two ways: by touch or by weapon. When you perform this ability through a touch attack, it causes 1d4 points of damage per 2 Chosen levels to your target and you gain that amount as healing. When you perform this ability through a weapon, it causes a single attack to be a full attack action. You gain half as many hit points (round up) as your weapon deals in damage. Any points drained over your maximum hit points are retained as temporary hit points for one hour, but you can only have as many temporary hit points as you have actual hit points.

Divine Auras:
Effect: Immunity to fear effects and a +6 bonus to all Will saves.

Failed save: Flee at top speed for 1d4 rounds, taking no action other than movement.
Successful save: -1 morale penalty to attack rolls.

Effect: +3 bonus to attack and initiative rolls.

Failed save: Sink into depression, unable to attack but neither flat-footed nor helpless.
Successful save: -1 morale penalty to saving throws and Wisdom-based checks.

Failed save: Wracked with unbearable pain, suffering a -4 penalty to all die rolls.
Successful save: Mildly distracted by the pain, and suffer a -1 penalty to all die rolls. Damage from any weapon cannot be reduced below 1.

Effect: Gain 1 point of cold resistance and one extra move-equivalent action per round. The resistance increases by 1 point every 5 levels (5th, 10th, etc.).

Failed save: Lose a move-equivalent action every round and take 1d6 points of cold damage.
Successful save: 1d3 points of cold damage each round.

Effect: Any attacker dealing damage with a weapon to a creature under this effect also takes one-half (round down, minimum 1) the damage themselves.

Effect: 1 extra point of damage per die for every attack. This damage is aligned as the Chosen (good/evil and lawful/chaotic).

Effect: Heal one hit point per 5 Chosen levels per round. (2 at 5th, 3 at 10th, etc.)

Effect: +4 deflection bonus to AC.

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