Seed Based Magic System

Welcome. If you're here, it's probably because you are considering or currently playing in one of my pbp games. Thanks. The system changed a bunch in 11/07, so if you haven't looked since before then, make sure to check stuff out before assuming how it works. If you find a typo or ugly html mistake, please let me know. If you're here, should already know how to do that.

This system is based on the concept of 'families' of magic effects being grouped together into multipurpose 'seeds'. The system is intended for use as a replacement for the standard magic system in d20 D&D. It is not fully prepared for epic level use, though some epic material is included. It is highly recommended that the variant that makes a roll of 1 equal to -10 and a roll of 20 equals 30 is used with this system. The whole point is that low level mages can do great things once in a while, but some things need to be completely out of reach. Likewise, high level mages should be able to screw little stuff up, but not really little stuff.

First, some definitions:
Seed: a group of magical effects that are related in some thematic way.
Spell: when you create an effect of a seed, you call that 'casting a spell'.
Factor: an optional way to modify a seed's effects when you cast a spell.
Spellcaster DC: the DC to cast any given spell using your Spellcaster class ability.
Metamagic ability: another optional way to modify a seed's effects when you cast a spell. Unlike factors, metamagic abilities are general and almost all of them can apply to any seed effect.

With that out of the way, here are the links to the rest of the system. You will undoubtedly notice that none of the classes have Class Skill lists. I have a houserule that there is no such thing as a cross-class skill. All skills cost one skill point per rank. Classes:
Bard - Non-spellcasting class. These bards are performers through and through. Everything they can do is tied to some kind of performance in one way or another.
Chosen - Non-spellcasting class. These are holy warriors. There is a champion for every god, not just lawful good ones.
Druid - Non-spellcasting class. These druids are primarily shapeshifters. Some of the standard druid spells have been converted into special druid abilities that can be chosen like feats.
Healer - Non-spellcasting class. A healer...heals.
Mage - Spellcasting class. Not really a wizard, not really a sorcerer, sort of in between.
Priest - Non-spellcasting class. Basically a somewhat toned down cleric, but still reasonably capable in combat.
Ranger - Non-spellcasting class. These rangers are variant fighters, though they retain the companion feature. It is possible to construct both Urban and Wilderness rangers.
Spellthief - Can be a spellcasting class. Quite possibly a spellcaster's worst nightmare, this version relies heavily on counterspelling.
Telekinetic - Non-spellcasting class. Note that this class is not a redo of a Psion - it's an Expert with enough oomph to be a PC class.
Warlock - This page contains changes necessary for the standard warlock class from Complete Arcane to work with this system.

The instructions for how to use the seeds can be found here.
The actual seeds can be found here.

Modified/New Skills: Concentration, Craft, Knowledge, Lore, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
New Feats
New Magic Item Creation rules (Item Creation feats included here)
Metamagic abilities
Amaril Information Amaril is the name of the homebrew world all my games run in. Information about races and gods, as well as a map and regional info can be found here.

03/15/08: Updated the Detect Magic effect of the Insight seed for clarity.
03/27/08: Some changes made to the Ranger's Companion feature.

The following people have my thanks for assisting with playtesting, either currently or in the past:
lawful_evil, pfloyd, silvara77, jfalcon, mdsoze, Ludo, kariokie, Eratosthenes, NEO|Phyte, androgial, Santanya, Jorhan_Beastalker, DarkLadyOfTheSith, Yawielas, Blinkbear, angry_russian, WrathofLife, Stick_ninja, Baerdog7, The_Snark, ampcptlogic, Alhambra-IV, Nighteyes, Jacob Orlove, North, MOD, Velvet_Elvis, Bandoth, dalamb, Newbie101.

Extra thanks to Santanya for the javascript. :)

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