Special Mount Chosen Divine Ability

You call forth a special mount that serves you loyally. It is smarter, stronger, and tougher than an average creature of its type. Its type changes to magical beast[extraplanar], though it retains all the qualities of its original type. The mount has a deep, mystical connection to both you and your deityís plane, each of which grant it several special abilities and bonuses. Common mount types are heavy warhorse, warpony, riding dog, and large shark, but any creature capable of bearing a rider with a CR of 2 or less AND a natural Int score of 2 or less can be selected without penalty. Any creature that is ordinarily Mindless loses the benefits of that quality. It is recommended that the Chosen level be adjusted downward by 2 for every 1 point of CR the mount already possesses beyond 2 with respect to the chart below. Thus, effective Chosen level would be calculated as class levelĖ2 for a CR 3 mount, or class levelĖ6 for a CR 5 mount. Regardless of the CR, the mountís natural Int score may not be higher than 2. You may not select a mount that would reduce your effective Chosen level below 3.

The connection between mount and Chosen grants a two-way empathic link between you.
- The mount gains some measure of Intelligence from you. Its Intelligence score is shown on the chart below, but note that the mountís Int score cannot exceed your Int score Ė 2.
- The mount automatically gains receptive understanding of one single language you know, selected by you at the time you first summon it.
- You do not need to make Handle Animal checks for any reason with your mount, but you will need to convince it to do things it doesnít want to.
- It automatically gains any six tricks of your choice that it understands as single word commands or hand gestures (your choice) without training or explanation.
- You gain a +2 bonus to all Ride checks made while on your special mount, though you never need to make a check to Guide With Knees or Control Mount in Battle.

The connection between the mount and your deityís home plane allows it to travel there at will. As a full round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, your mount crosses the boundary between planes. This action requires that it be able to move 10 feet in some direction (the movement is included as part of the action).
- If you are riding your mount when it shifts planes, you may make a Fast Dismount Ride check to land on your feet if ground is available. If you fail this check, you fall prone.
- You cannot accompany it to your deityís plane unless you use the Planar Shift ability to do so.
- Anyone else riding the mount while it shifts planes automatically falls.
- While on that plane, your mount heals at an accelerated rate, regenerating either 1 hit point per Chosen level or 1 point of ability score damage every round.
- If it suffers from any of the following conditions, it can eliminate them, one per round, instead of healing: blinded, dazzled, shaken, fatigued, sickened, deafened. More serious conditions, such as (but not limited to) frightened, nauseated, or confused, take a full minute to ameliorate.
- Returning to your side is also a full round action, and it must move at least 10 feet when it arrives.
- When it shifts planes, all gear it is wearing or carrying remains with it.

Should your mount be killed, you may decide whether to summon a new mount or the old one again. In either case, you must wait 24 hours before you can summon any mount again.

Chosen levelBonus HDNatural Armor Adj.IntStr Adj.Special
3-40+26+2Empathic Link, Improved Speed +10
5-71+47+4Improved Evasion, Battle Bearing
8-103+68+6Mighty Hooves(magic), Inspirational Pose, Improved Speed +20
11-145+89+8Coordinated Assault, War Cry
15-207+1010+10Mighty Hooves(ignore DR), Speech, Improved Speed +30

Bonus HD: The mount gains a number of additional hit dice equal to this entry. It gains feats, skill points, base attack bonus and save bonuses, and actual hit dice with its Con modifier added as a creature of its original type.

Empathic Link: The mount and its Chosen can communicate empathically as long as they are on the same plane. As a part of this, each is always aware of the direction that the other lies in, though not the distance between them.

Improved Speed: The mountís speed is increased by 10 at Chosen level 4, another 10 at level 8, and a final 10 at level 15 for a total of +30 to the mountís speed at level 15. This increase is to the mountís base speed, and is reduced normally by encumbrance. Aquatic mounts increase their swim speed. Aerial mounts may increase their ground speed only, their flying speed only, or split the increase between flying and land speeds (as +5 to each).

Battle Bearing: The mount ignores the weight and type of any barding it wears when calculating encumbrance and speed. Anything else it carries still counts normally, and armor check penalties still apply.

Mighty Hooves: The natural attacks of the mount count as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. When the Chosen reaches 15th level, the mountís natural attacks can ignore 1 point of damage reduction of any other type. At 20th level, it can ignore 2 points.

Inspirational Pose: While the Chosen is mounted, the mount can stand perfectly still in a regal pose that enhances the Chosenís ability to influence others. The Chosen gains a bonus to all Charisma based skill checks equal to one-half the mountís Int score, to a maximum of +5. The mount can maintain this pose as long as the Chosen needs it to, but most mounts will want to be rewarded for doing it longer than a minute or so. The DM may rule that this ability is inappropriate in some circumstances, such as haggling over the price of underwear.

Coordinated Assault: If the Chosen is mounted, and mount moves at least 10 feet while the Chosen makes at least one melee attack, the Chosen is considered flanking against that creature. If the mount also attacks, both mount and Chosen are considered flanking against that creature and both also gain a +2 bonus to damage that is multiplied on a critical hit.

War Cry: Once per day, the mount can issue a challenge to all enemies within 30 feet of itself as a full round action. Targets must be able to hear and see the challenge to be affected by it. Anyone sitting on the mount when it does this may take no standard or move action, because they need to hold on as the beast rears onto its hind legs and Ďcalls outí. The mount makes an Intimidation check and adds its Chosenís level to the result. This is the DC of the Will save to resist the fear effect it creates. If the Chosen is riding the mount, he may make an Aid Another Intimidate check.
- Enemies whose hit dice are less than or equal to the Chosen's level flee for 1d4 rounds, then are shaken for 1d6 rounds if they fail the save. Those who succeed at the save are shaken for 2 rounds.
- Enemies whose hit dice are greater than the Chosenís level are shaken for 1d4 rounds if they fail the save. Those who succeed at the save are unaffected.
Allies who can see and hear the War Cry, regardless of how far they are from the mount, do not suffer a penalty to AC if they charge affected enemies prior to the mountís next action.

Speech: The mount becomes capable of speaking the one language it knows automatically from its Chosen, regardless of its mouth physiology.

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