A Healer is a person who can channel their personal energies into various forms of healing and other related abilities. Not all Healers are good, and some devote their lives to spreading misery. Knowledge(metaphysical) covers the knowledge of Healers and their abilities

Abilities: Wisdom and Constitution determine how much a healer can do and how well they can do it. Healers use the lowest table for BAB and Ref saves and the highest table for Fort and Will saves.

Alignment: Any

Hit Die: d8

Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier

Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Healers are proficient with simple weapons, and any other weapon noted as dealing nonlethal damage instead of lethal damage. They are not proficient with any armor, or shields.

1+0+2+0+2Healer's Oath, Lay on Hands, Improved Heal Skill, Herbal Lore,
Fertility Control, Superior Health (nonmagical), Healer's Defense
2+1+3+0+3Healing Heart, Rejuvenation (1/hour)
3+1+3+1+3Healing Adept, Healing Heart +1/day
4+2+4+1+4Healer's Defense(+5 foot step), bonus feat, Revitalize
5+2+4+1+4Superior Health (poison), Healing Adept, Healing Heart +1/day
6+3+5+2+5Rejuvenation (1/10 minutes)
7+3+5+2+5bonus feat, Cure Disease
8+4+6+2+6Healer's Defense (ranged attacks), Healing Adept, Healing Heart +1/day
9+4+6+3+6Rejuvenation (ability score damage)
10+5+7+3+7bonus feat
11+5+7+3+7Healing Adept, Healing Heart +1/day
12+6/+1+8+4+8Healer's Defense (2 allies), Rejuvenation (1/minute)
13+6/+1+8+4+8bonus feat
14+7/+2+9+4+9Healing Adept, Healing Heart +1/day
15+7/+2+9+5+9Superior Health (all disease)
16+8/+3+10+5+10Healer's Defense (+10 foot step), bonus feat
17+8/+3+10+5+10Healing Adept
19+9/+4+11+6+11bonus feat
20+10/+5+12+6+12Healer's Defense (3 allies), Healing Adept, Healing Heart +1/day

Healer's Oath: As a part of attuning themselves to their own power, healers forswear the use of lethal force against living creatures. A healer that uses any sort of means other than a healer ability to deal lethal damage to a living creature loses all her healer abilities except Improved Heal Skill until she can take the time to re-center and reconnect with her self. Healers may use small "weapons" such as knives as a part of administering herbal healing, and are not precluded from using weapons for other purposes, such as chopping down trees, eating, etc.
nonlethal damage can be dealt to any creature with no loss of ability. When using weapons that normally deal lethal damage, a Healer still suffers the -4 penalty to attack rolls to make it nonlethal. Once something is already dead, there are no restrictions, and constructs, plants, undead, oozes, and elementals may be attacked normally without penalty.
The time required to re-center and reconnect is 8 hours, or more for particularly egregious infractions (DM's call).

Lay on Hands: Healers may, as a standard action, heal a number of hit points of damage equal to (Wis modifier + Con modifier + 3) x Healer level per day with a touch. The points of healing may be spread out as desired over multiple applications and recipients. Using this ability on a person or creature engaged in combat requires a successful touch attack. Failure does not use any points of healing. Severed limbs can be neither reattached nor re-grown with this ability, and temporary hit points cannot be bestowed. This is a supernatural ability that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The points of healing granted by this ability are also used to power other Healer abilities. This is not positive energy, it is a knitting of flesh; corporeal undead are healed by this ability, and incorporeal creatures are not affected at all. Only one creature can be affected at a time. Constructs are not affected by this ability - only living and undead creatures. A Healer must have bare, empty hands to use this ability.

Improved Heal Skill: Healers can utilize and boost the Heal skill in ways that other people cannot.
Herbal Lore: A Healer may substitute 1 teaspoon (1 unit) of self-collected herbs for 1 hit point of healing in conjunction with the Lay on Hands ability. This may only be done for healing hit point damage, and may not be used to power any other abilities. Collecting the herbs requires a Knowledge(nature) check DC15 in an appropriate area and 1 hour per unit. For every 5 by which you exceed the DC, the number of units located in that hour increases by 1. At least 1 point of healing must always be spent. For full potency, the herbs must be added to one cup of hot water and drunk while the water is still hot, making this less useful in combat. If the water is cold when drunk, the herbs function at one half efficacy(round down). Once added to water, the herbs lose potency in 24 hours. Herbs ingested without being added to water provide only one-quarter the benefit(round down). No more than 20 units of herbs may be used this way per application. Other ingredients, such as sugar, honey, mint, etc. can be added to the water for flavor. Though these herbs can only be collected by a Healer for use with her own ability and are never available to be purchased, for the purpose of character creation, consider each unit to be worth 1gp.
For example, Calla the Healer has 10 units of herbs and five points of healing left for the day. Marcus the fighter has 10 points of damage. Calla can use 1 point of healing and 9 units of her herbs, or she can use all 5 of her points and 5 units of her herbs. She could not just give Marcus all the herbs because they will not help him without at least one point of healing. The point(s) of healing must be applied while the herbs are imbibed. The herbs collected for this ability do not go bad if kept dry; they can be kept indefinitely until needed. One unit of herbs weighs one-hundredth of a pound.

Fertility Control: All Healers have complete control over their own fertility. They may expend 2 points of healing to cause one other willing creature to become 100% fertile for the next 24 hours. They may spend 3 points of healing to cause one other willing creature to be 100% sterile for the next 24 hours. These are both full round actions that require a touch. Sterility can be made permanent if either the Healer or subject also spends 100xp. This ability does not allow creatures that are otherwise incompatible to produce offspring together.

Superior Health: A Healer is immune to all nonmagical diseases. At 5th level, she gains a +5 bonus to all saving throws against poison, and any ability score damage from any poison effect is reduced by 1 point. At 15th level, a Healer becomes immune to all diseases.

Healer’s Defense: While standing in the threat zone of an ally, a Healer is able to provide a distraction to enemies, granting that ally a competence bonus to his AC equal to the Healer’s Wis modifier. The bonus applies against all enemies using melee weapons to attack the target ally. Ranged attacks are unaffected. Only one ally can be assisted in this way per round. Any enemy that cannot visually perceive the healer in some fashion can ignore the bonus. Using this extraordinary ability is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. The bonus lasts for one round, and the Healer must remain in the ally’s threat zone. It is useable at will.
At 4th level, the Healer can use this ability while one 5 foot step outside an ally's threat zone. If the ally's threat zone is 5 feet, she can provide the defense while 10 feet away from him.
At 8th level, the Healer can assist in defense against ranged attacks. She still must be within 10 feet of the ally being assisted, and the enemy must still be able to visually perceive her.
At 12th level, she can provide the bonus to one additional ally, provided all conditions are otherwise met for both allies affected.
At 16th level, she can provide the bonus from 5 feet farther away. If the ally's threat zone is 5 feet, she can be up to 15 feet away.
At 20th level, a third ally can be affected if all other conditions are met.

Healing Heart: Starting at 2nd level, a Healer develops the ability to invoke her power in bursts. These bursts can be used to heal a number of hit points equal to Con modifier + Healer level in up to Wis modifier in creatures. The target creatures must be within 30 feet and line of sight. These bursts can alternately power Healing Adept Abilities. Healing Heart is a swift action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. It can be used a number of times per day equal to Wis modifier + 3. Healing Heart can be invoked as a standard action if the healer’s swift action has already been used in a given round. This does not allow Healing Heart to be invoked more than once in a single round.

Rejuvenation: By the time a Healer has reached 2nd level, her body has become so in tune with healing energies that it has learned to replenish itself. At first, it does so slowly, but as the Healer uses her power more and more, it quickens. Healers regenerate 1 hit point per hour starting at 2nd level. The rate increases to 1hp per 10 minutes at 6th level, 1hp per minute at 12th, and 1hp per round at 18th. This regeneration does not prevent death when reduced below –10, but it does cause a Healer to automatically and immediately stabilize when dying. Epic healers increase their rate of regeneration by 1 hp per round every 6 levels (2hp/round at 24th, 3/round at 30th, etc.). At 9th level, a Healer can choose to forgo one point of hit point regeneration to instead restore one point of temporary ability score damage. Healers do not benefit from any sort of Fast Healing ability.

Healing Adept: At 3rd level, 5th level and every three levels thereafter (5th, 8th, 11th, etc.) a Healer may choose a new ability from the Healing Adept Abilities list. In order to take any of the abilities that have a point cost, a Healer must have at least enough Lay on Hands points of healing per day to use it once, plus 1 point. Every time a new Healer Adept Ability is gained, an additional use of Healing Heart per day is also gained.

Revitalize: Starting at 4th level, a Healer can spend 4 points of Lay on Hands healing to repair one point of temporary ability damage to any of a touched target creature’s ability scores. She may heal as many points of temporary ability damage as desired with a single application of this ability. It otherwise functions in the same fashion as Lay on Hands.

Bonus Feats: At 4th level and every three levels thereafter (4th, 7th, 10th, etc.), a healer may take one bonus feat from the following list. She must still meet any prerequisites they may have. Feats marked with an asterisk are new feats described here.

Combat Reflexes
Competent Touch*
Danger Sense
Extra Healing*
Extra Turning
Great Fortitude
Imbue Healing Item*
Improved Initiative
Improved Toughness
Iron Will
Skill Concentration*
Skill Focus
Subduing Strike
Turn/Rebuke Undead*
Weapon Focus (ranged touch attack)
Weapon Focus (touch attack)

Cure Disease: Starting at 7th level, a Healer can spend 12 points of Lay on Hands healing to cure all diseases, both magical and non-magical, in one target creature. Parasites such as green slime are also killed. This ability otherwise functions in the same fashion as Lay on Hands. For any disease or condition that states it requires a cleric of a specific level or higher to cure, consider the Healer to be his class level + 4.

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