This page contains information about converting the standard Warlock class for use with this magic system. Only information that is different from the standard class is noted below. Anything not discussed remains the same and can be found in the WoTC supplement Complete Arcane.

A warlock is the product of some kind of union between a mortal and an outsider. The union may be of flesh, so the warlock carries outsider blood in his veins, or it could be a pact made by himself or his ancestor, or he may be possessed in some fashion. Whatever the origins of his powers, he is a magical force.

Alignment: Any

Invocations: Those invocations known as "Dark" are now referred to as "Realized".
A Warlock may use Int or Cha as his primary ability score for invocations.
The save DC for invocations is 10 + Warlock level + (the higher of Int or Cha modifier).
A player who wishes to remove some of the darkness from the invocations is encouraged to rename them and change descriptions to suit his character's personality, though mechanical function must remain the same. For example, one could change "Fell Flight" into "Heavenly Wings" and alter the descriptive material so white, feathery wings sprout from his back. Be sure to note the original name of the invocation for bookkeeping purposes.
The following invocations are not available: The Dead Walk, Devour Magic, Path of Shadow

Detect Magic: This functions as the Insight seed ability of the same name, instead of the as the spell Detect Magic:
The recipient gains the ability to see magical auras within 30 feet of itself. To see a magical aura, the creature or object must be within line of sight with no cover or concealment. A quick glance reveals magical auras, but gives no additional information about them. More information can be determined about a magical aura by studying it. After each full round of study of any given subject, any one of the following can be learned: the power of the aura relative to the viewer, one seed used to create the effect, the type of aura (arcane, divine, supernatural, etc.). Mages, priests, chosen, spellthieves, and warlocks all detect as magical in their own right, as do creatures capable of casting spells, dragons, and magical beasts. See the priest and chosen classes for more information on what their auras reveal. Bards, druids, healers, ranger, telekinetics, and other non-spellcasting classes do not detect as magical.

Deceive Item: This class ability is no longer a part of the Warlock class.

Fiendish Resilience: This class ability is renamed "Touch of Other", but is otherwise the same.

Imbue Item: This class ability is no longer a part of the Warlock class.

Absorb Item: At 4th level, a warlock may absorb a single magic item into his body. The item may be of any type, but may not be larger than his body or weigh more than 25% of his body weight. Once absorbed, the item leaves behind a tattoo of mystical symbols that form the shape of the item (the warlock may choose the color). An absorbed item does not count against encumbrance, does not impose armor check penalties, and is utilized normally. If it took up a limited body slot, it continues to do so. The warlock can remove the item at will, which also removes the tattoo, but it is not possible for any other creature or force to separate the item from the warlock. The item does not register to any magical detection effect. No other properties of the item are changed as a result of using this ability. Armor and shields still function normally and still require the appropriate proficiency to use properly, but the warlock's body provides the effect. Weapons cannot be absorbed. For every additional 4 levels, the warlock may have one additional item absorbed at any given time. Should the warlock die (actually die, not just reduced below 0 hit points), all absorbed items are instantly expelled from his body.

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