All mages know how to alter their spells with all metamagic abilities. Any of them can be applied to any spell, but only a total number of times equal to the mage's primary casting ability score modifier. For example, Sasha uses her Int score to cast spells. She has a +3 Int modifier. She could alter the area 3 times, or she could alter the area once, the range once, and the casting time once, or she could use any other combination of three metamagic alterations. Regardless of how many times it is possible to add metamagic abilities, the total modifier of all metamagic abilities added to any given spell may not exceed half the original DC of the spell (round up).

Range (modifiers are not cumulative; apply only one)
Casting time (first three modifiers are not cumulative; apply only one)
Duration (does not affect instantaneous spells)
Material component (must use the type of gemstone or precious metal indicated in the seed notation, modifiers are not cumulative and you may only use one material component per spell)
Sacrifice component
Physical component

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